Fleetminder's fleet maintenance software is all about simplifying fleet maintenance, eliminating paperwork, and helping operators to manage the complete lifecycle of vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Our fleet maintenance software puts you in control, giving you the information you need to boost revenues, cut costs & ensure your vehicles remain compliant and on the road 24/7.

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Our workshop management software is designed to:

• minimise stock losses
• eradicate errors in billing for parts and labour
• optimise how labour is allocated.

It's a user-friendly system to operate and the software has been developed so that it facilitates easy input of data, with touch-screens, RFID Tags and bar coding so that fitters can easily add their time and relevant parts to each job card.

Our workshop management software manages workshop planning, labour scheduling, workshop inventory, vehicle inspections, job cards, stock control, SOP, POP, warranty control and invoicing and it delivers a comprehensive set of reporting features on labour efficiency, sales and margins achieved.

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Five ways FleetMinder’s Workshop Management Software boosts ROI:

• Big increases in labour efficiency
• Reduced overheads and stock losses
• Increased margins
• Improved sales revenues on labour and parts

For fleet operators, there are big gains to be made too, in terms of internal costs for vehicles.

Fleetminder integrates with accounting software including SAGE, SAP, Origin, Opera and many more.

"In a complex fleet operation, order is vital; timely inspection, planning, maintenance & repairs are key to compliance & efficiency."


• Regulatory compliance
• Savings on parts & warranty
• Labour efficiencies

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Why Fleetminder?

  • Fleet compliance
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Maximise return on labour
  • Keep vehicles on the road
  • Our Customers trust us

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