How much is your fleet maintenance costing?


Traditionally fleet maintenance software has been seen as luxury but in recent times this trend is changing. At present nearly 60% of all Fleetminder inquiries come from fleet owners / operators looking to tighten up their maintenance processes in order to get the most out of their fleets.

The reason? Outside of compliance requirements the transport sector is getting more competitive; this means that operators need to claw back revenue wherever they can. Quite simply, if an operator does not know how much their vehicles are costing how do they know if their company is making a profit?

Particularly if you are involved in the transport sector your fleet is the life blood of the business. Keeping it on the road and running efficiently is what makes the business its money. Yet in companies throughout the UK & Ireland, there are transport managers buried under reams of invoices & paperwork and juggling between Excel spreadsheets, trying to ensure that even the most basic of fleet maintenance plans are adhered to.

Since the adoption of telematics, most transport managers are reaping the benefits of greater asset utilisation, better driver behaviour, fuel management and tyre management, and yet the maintenance aspect of the fleet has often been seen as an afterthought with minimal investment. Without waiting for end of year accounts how many fleet owners can honestly answer:

  • How much is my fleet costing me?
  • How much have I claimed back on warranty work?
  • What am I spending on parts, and am I getting the best price from suppliers?
  • Am I getting good value from my maintenance provider?

By having more control & visibility of fleet maintenance costs and enforcing preventative maintenance plans, it has been proven that fleet owners can reduce their maintenance costs by up to 30% within the first year.

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