FM Planner- Fleet maintenance planning software

Fleet maintenance planning software

FM Planner is a dual functioning workshop loading and fleet maintenance planning software. For fleet operators it provides a visual planner similar to the traditional Sasco maintenance planner however it updates when a task is done and sends automatic reminders to ensure your vehicles don’t miss scheduled maintenance and inspection dates.

FM Planner – Workshop planning software

The Fleetminder workshop planning software incorporates a daily labour loading utility for the workshop. It provides a graphical planner /scheduler that can replace the old paper based diary system. Each labour line has a start time that can be traced all the way through to completion.

  • Unlimited standard ‘time based’ tasks can be setup to simplify the scheduling of standard jobs, e.g a vehicle inspection
  • The planner can be customised for the required number of workshop bays
  • Job cards can be created with just one click
  • Search by customer, registration number, chassis number or any other pre-defined asset reference
  • Job status can be monitored using a colour coded progress system
  • View full history of current year, last year or  view next years scheduled task assigned to the vehicle                                        2. Labour loading software, workshop planning software, labour efficiency

FM Planner – Vehicle Maintenance Planner

The Vehicle Maintenance Planner is a complete fleet maintenance and compliance planning system. It is a graphical planner and scheduler that replaces the old Sasco wall planners.

It allows transport operators to plan their fleet maintenance programme in line with their operational requirements and ensures compliance with all DVSA roadworthiness legislation.

Some of the features include:

  • Automatically schedule inspections and maintenance based on pre-defined parameters such as mileage, time intervals or hours consumed
  • Distribute reports internally for transport planning, detailing what vehicles are due for their DVSA test, service, maintenance or an inspection
  • Generate and distribute automatic reminders to both external and internal parties via SMS, email or letter.
  • Unlimited standard ‘time based’ tasks can be setup to simplify the act of scheduling of periodic jobs, e.g. a vehicle inspection or an MOT
  • View full history of current year, last year or view next years scheduled tasks
  • Search by vehicle reference number, registration number, chassis number or any other asset reference
  • Drag and drop tasks into chosen time slots

Reporting functionality:

FM Planner has a comprehensive list of reports that enables transport operators to create a predictive maintenance programme based on the most common defects found during inspections and maintenance job cards.

Vehicle Compliance planning software

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