Case Studies – Fleet maintenance software

Case Studies  Fleet maintenance software

International Dairy Processor

This company is an international dairy processor and food ingredients group. Employing over 5,000 people in 29 countries and with a turnover of €3.2Bn in 2013, it is one of the leading global suppliers of dairy-based ingredients to the food and beverage industry and is Ireland’s largest milk processor. All of their vehicle maintenance is carried out by third-party maintenance workshops.

The company sought a fleet maintenance software solution that would provide them with the following:-

  • key management information about the condition, maintenance and repair of its vehicles
  • full compliance with the recently introduced Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Act
  • achieving the corporate objective of having the safest fleet in Ireland
  • a secure and comprehensive solution for managing the relationship with the workshops.

Fleetminder’s workshop management software was deployed in each of their third-party vehicle maintenance workshops, linking back to Fleetminder Enterprise in the dairy HQ, whilst FM Supplier Portal, a cloud-based solution, was deployed in each of their equipment suppliers eg. tyre suppliers, refrigeration suppliers etc.

Workshops and suppliers record instructions, parts and labour (and all of the associated costs) for all jobs carried out on their fleet of vehicles via Fleetminder. This then updates the vehicle history file.

Amongst the many benefits are:-

  • Integration with SAP for recording, and payments to the workshops/suppliers
  • comprehensive and detailed vehicle history file built up over time
  • Detailed vehicle maintenance costs by vehicle & by fleet
  • Substantial savings made in parts through more effective parts control
  • Better warranty claims management.



Surefreight Limited is based in Newry, County Down in Northern Ireland, with a fleet that includes 250 trucks, 600 curtainside trailers and a fleet of small vans.

The workshop management software used by Surefreight is Fleetminder Workshop, the core of the Fleetminder enterprise application.

For Damian O’Callaghan, Surefreight’s Workshop Manager,  the fact that Fleetminder’s fleet maintenance software is so easy to use is the most important aspect of the software.  As he points out, they are a logistics company with a modern workshop; their skills are with vehicles; managing them and maintaining them.  They leave I.T. to the specialists and with Fleetminder this is possible.

Ultimately, using a system such as Fleetminder for fleet maintenance, means that it must benefit the bottom line.  It delivers on that by:-

  • Parts warranty – track the usage of warranty parts on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, and by location on the vehicle, automatically processing warranty claims.
  • Productivity management in the workshop – activity levels tracked by individual using the FM dashboard.
  • FM Planner facilitates a complete, fleet-wide view of all scheduled activities whether MOTs, tachograph calibrations, safety inspections, maintenance inspections and scheduled vehicle maintenance.  At a glance, immediate fleet availability is available in a visual presentation, as well as schedules for the weeks and months ahead.
  • The emphasis at Surefreight is on compliance and safety. At a vehicle level, the functionality and facilities available in the system mean that there is a rich collection of data, all of which is available at any time via the comprehensive workshop reports that provide the KPI data.


Geesink Norba

Geesink Norba is a leading manufacturer of refuse collection vehicles, portable and static compactors, with operations all over Europe.

According to Geoff Rigg, Business Director, Geesink Norba UK  “we chose Fleetminder’s fleet maintenance software based on the systems attributes, and also because it is written and updated by practical people with a workshop background”.

Fleetminder has proven to be a flexible workshop management software tool and allowed us to manage our business how we want to, as opposed to a system managing us.

Our satellite UK depots service & maintain a host of varying equipment for the county councils and the Fleetminder workshop management system handles this operation with simplicity.

Our Oracle based ERP system and Fleetminder have a seamless link which allows our admin staff total visibility of all our depots and our accounts staff can monitor activity nationally.


  • Has eliminated stock losses across all our UK depots
  • Allows for superior control on all jobs
  •  Takes away missed bookings
  • Cuts out under invoicing.

With first class technical support and an excellent backup service, Fleetminder have helped us grow from strength to strength”.


National Ambulance Service

The Irish National Ambulance Service (NAS) is the entity for the provision of emergency ambulance services nationwide.  The service operates throughout four regions and with a total fleet in excess of 250 vehicles.

All of the servicing and maintenance of the ambulances is carried out by independent third-party maintenance workshops located in various parts of the country.

The challenge: The NAS wanted to create a single fleet view with a comprehensive, individual vehicle history.

The solution:  The NAS installed Fleetminder Enterprise fleet maintenance and workshop management software at their control centre and the thirteen garages use the Fleetminder Supplier Portal via a web browser to access the NAS Fleetminder database.

When a job is underway, the garage could sign on to the portal and

  • Create the job using the vehicle registration number
  •  Add details and instructions (i.e., the work to be carried out / work carried out)
  •  Add parts use (quantity and price)
  • Add labour hours (quantity and per-hour charge).


Once the data is entered and verified the job was closed and then transferred, through the cloud to the NAS Fleetminder system.

At NAS, the transport controller reviews it to ensure that it complies with any terms and conditions agreed with the garage (e.g., parts cost, fixed-price jobs, etc.). The vehicle history file is updated automatically & is available to NAS database users. The standard reports available from Fleetminder’s fleet maintenance software include:-

  • Fleet asset repair cost
  • Parts usage
  • Warranty analysis
  • Fleet service status
  • Annual maintenance schedule


SMH Fleet Solutions


SMH Fleet Solutions delivers vehicle management and logistics services to the Motor Industry. They have four regional locations based in Worcester, Gloucester, Bedford and Bolton.

According to Martin McCauley of SMH “SMH Fleet Solutions have operated a Fleetminder system in three of our workshops for the last three years. Each of these workshops process in excess of 100 job cards each day and Fleet Minder manages both the workshop activity, parts control, invoicing and payments. Our annual turnover through Fleetminder is in excess of £2 million.

Within 3 months of installing the FM system our sales revenue on a like for like basis increased by 8%.

Analysis of this increase – using the Fleet Minder reporting systems, and comparing this information against the manual job card system previously used showed that a combination of lost job cards, parts either not booked or incorrectly booked to vehicles, jobs not correctly costed and workshop productivity, accounted for 90% of this figure.

The significant advantages FM has given our business over the last 3 years is the confidence that every chargeable activity and every part fitted is fully invoiced to the customer.

In addition the ability to proactively manage the workshop in real time, improving shop floor efficiency has enabled the Company to reduce its headcount (the Fleetminder reporting enabling this headcount reduction to be very specifically targeted).

Given the intuitive, user friendly layout design of FM, staff acceptance at all levels was seamless.”

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