FM Enterprise – Fleet Maintenance Software

FM Enterprise Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleetminder’s enterprise fleet maintenance software was designed by people with an engineering and mechanical background. It manages fleet maintenance planning, workshop activity, labour, parts, customer and supplier records, vehicle records and vehicle sales and leasing in both on-site and off-site locations. It uses Microsoft SQL Server database, is multi-company and multi-depot, and runs over wide area networks.  Its core application is Fleetminder Enterprise (FM-E).

FM Enterprise manages the database and integration with each of the Fleetminder modules as well as integration with other, non-Fleetminder applications including third-party accounting applications.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Live business intelligence

The core philosophy of Fleetminder is to allow our customers to operate their business in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Fleetminder Fleet maintenance software enables fleet operators and workshops to increase labour and parts revenue through greater recording and control of their costs. On a daily basis they can produce up-to-date results, forecast to month-end, establish key performance data such as time and attendance reports, types and duration of work performed. A full range of both standard and custom reports can be created to your requirements

  • Fleet asset repair cost
  • Sales and margin analysis: report by individual job, by customers, by groups or by total summary
  • Labour efficiency analysis: report by individual fitter, by fitter group or by total summary. Compare hours worked to hours charged out to hours paid to staff. See immediately where the problem areas are and have the information necessary to take corrective action.
  • Work in progress: ensure that your invoicing is being done efficiently and turn your work into cash as soon as possible. Helps to plan your resources and cash flow. How much cash is tied up in work in progress?
  • Warranty reports: ensure that all your warranty is tracked all the way and that you receive all your credits from your suppliers.
  • Stock control reporting: know your stock position at all times.

In addition to Fleetminder Enterprise there are a number of bolt on applications to assist in further automating your business.

FM-Workshop – Workshop Management Software

This is a module specifically designed for effective workshop management, requiring minimum input, optimised for touch-screen use and designed to allow garage technicians get on with garage work, whilst providing complete vehicle maintenance history for each vehicle.


This is a complete fleet maintenance and compliance planning system. It is a graphical planner and scheduler that replaces the old paper based wall planners.

FM-Inspect – Vehicle Inspection Software

Inspection software specifically suitable to both regulated testing environments and for businesses that have implemented a range of Inspection processes (e.g., maintenance inspection, safety inspection, etc.).


This allows multiple Fleetminder applications to be linked, thus providing the ability for a fleet owner / operator to hold a complete vehicle maintenance history of all workshop activity that is carried out on its vehicles, irrespective of whether this is done in the company’s own workshop(s) or in the workshop of a third-party organisation.  It facilitates the implementation of a paperless payment chain.

FM Vehicle Information Portal

A browser based portal that enables a maintenance workshop to allow its fleet customers have 24/7 online access to the full vehicle maintenance history of each of their vehicles.

FM Remote – Mobile Fitter Software

A web-based application enabling mobile technicians to use Fleetminder while on the road.

FM Vendor Portal – Third Party Suppliers

A browser based portal which allows a third party workshop or a supplier (eg. tyres, refrigeration, etc.) to record instructions, parts and labour for all jobs carried out on an operator’s  fleet of vehicles, facilitating the updating of the vehicle maintenance history file for each vehicle.

FM Smartcheck – Driver Walkaround Checks

A smartphone app allowing a driver to carry out regulatory compliant walk-around checks on their vehicle, and upload the result to a central console together with any defect data.


Manages vehicle sales and purchases


Fleet management software for vehicle hire and leasing, both short term hire and long term vehicle leasing.

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