Fleetminder Training

Fleetminder Training


Fleetminder Training

ASC software can provide a customised training solution to your exacting requirements

Throughout the installation and implementation phase of the system FleetMinder training is provided to all stakeholders within your organisation to assist with the smooth transition of new business practices. This ensures that once the system is live it is utilised to its full extent to generate efficiencies and cost savings.

As roles change within your organisation, be it through new hires or internal promotions it may become pertinent to up skill your workforce to use additional Fleetminder feature sets to enable them carry out their role effectively. On request we can provide additional Fleetminder training courses as required.

Fleetminder Training (Foundation):

This is a one-day, workshop styled training course that forms an introductory basis to the use of Fleetminder. The specific focus of this course is setting up jobcards and processing jobs to sign-off. In addition, this training course provides the skills to allow for the gathering, preparation and upload of initial data.

Fleetminder Training (Advanced):

This course is designed for managers and business administrators / supervisors who require a more in-depth understanding of Fleetminder with a particular emphasis on the MIS elements of the software. The course also includes an overview of the database to facilitate the creation of custom report using standard report writing tools such as SSRS (SQL Server Reporting System).

FleetMinder Training (Administrators):

This course is targeted at System Administrators and covers all system aspects of Fleetminder.


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