Fleetminder Return On Investment

Fleetminder Return On Investment

With a typical payback within 6 months and with some clients achieving savings in one year alone of over 300% of the license fee, The ROI on Fleet Management Software  or an FM workshop management software is among the most appealing of any software application on the market.

FleetMinder improves labour recovery rates, specific labour rates and can be assigned to customized VMRS codes.

In a typical workshop with 8 fitters, with an average charge out rate of £40, an extra 15 minutes efficiency per day per fitter gives an annual increase in labour sales of £19,200.

For example, FleetMinders maintenance management system with its multi-franchise system, parts can be invoiced in a number of ways: profit margin bands, blanket mark-ups, fixed price, customer discount and discount codes

Workshop system benefits:

  • Increase your sales revenue on labour and parts
  • Increase your margin on labour and parts
  • Reduce stock losses
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Increase labour efficiency

Fleeetminder return on investment for fleet operators

The same savings apply, although fitter labour is not being charged out but rather charged internally to a vehicle.

Feedback from our customers that have implemented FleetMinder show the following average return on investment.

  • £17,000 – £20,000 per year increase in labour sales plus
  • £14,000 – £19,000 per year reduction in cost of sales plus
  • £8,000 – £10,000 per year increase in parts sales margins
  • Average annual increase in profit of £49,000, per year, every year.


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